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Omuta City Miike karuta, history museum

The last update date: October 3, 2017


Omuta City Miike karuta, history museum


Summary of hall

Photograph of scenery in hall of karuta building
 Omuta City Miike karuta, history museum is culture facility which Omuta-shi history museum which conveyed the Omuta built in commemoration of the Japanese karuta birthplace City Miike karuta Memorial and the history of native district integrated. (we unify on April 1, 2006)

 Display releases valuable document of many to tell about grave goods and funerary urn (we do not get), the history of native district including ancient documents in the Mitsuike feudal clan times that we excavated from karuta which selected carefully from approximately 10,000 points including "song karuta" conveying elegant o and "Japanese alphabet karuta" which reflected social conditions at the time and old burial mound in the city.

 As we prepare for not only display but also space of tatami mat where child can play with karuta in hall, even family can enjoy. Please use for social studies visit of school, training trip in various groups.
We look forward to your coming.

 In addition, we introduce designated manager system from April, 2007, and TRC, AKTIO group deals with administration. As we establish site where we published event information in, please see by all means.


Plan exhibition

We make theme a few times a year and hold plan exhibition.


Rental of karuta

We rent jumbo karuta and native district karuta, dialect karuta. In event of area and school, you use a lot.
Please refer casually.


Holding of karuta meeting

We hold individual round that only "civic karuta fair" that native district karuta and anyone including card game participate and can enjoy and person of no step can participate in and "hundred poems of a hundred poets Kyushu new face karuta tournament" to perform competition karuta by one set of competition between two teams round for 3 people.


Holding such as culture lecture, history lecture

We carry out culture lecture, history lecture by various lecturers and lecture that can experience card happily free a few times a year.


Admission is free!

Including karuta, we open space of tatami mat which can be idle by various cards daylong. Do you not play with friend and family?


Distribution of document


Distribution price (tax-included)


Store product pictorial record (note)

2,000 yen

It is pictorial record that manufactured for the first time since history museum integrated with the Miike karuta Memorial in 2006.

We publish all page 160, karuta document 247 points, history document 142 points in full color.

The world (note) of karuta

2,000 yen

A large number of photographs introduce a great variety of karuta of karuta building possession, and first person, Takashi Ebashi of karuta study touches detailed commentary in Hosei University's emeritus professors. 

Native district karuta (note)

800 yen

It is native district karuta of Omuta-shi. We can get close to native district of Omuta while playing. 

Fukuoka hometown

Karuta (note)

950 yen

"World of play, study, interchange karuta" where is held in October, 2004 (business name of Omuta-shi of the 19th nation school festival)

We memorialized and manufactured karuta of Fukuoka. We raised reading cards, second-line cards from citizen of the prefecture together.

"Fukuoka" that you did not know is surely found. 

 Picture postcard

One piece

50 yen

We made beautiful karuta picture postcard (in the case of the set purchase six pieces of one set 300 yen) 

Telephone card

700 yen

It is telephone card of the number of 50 degrees. 

Cultural assets of Omuta-shi

1,000 yen

We comment on city cultural assets with color photo clearly. 

 Story of plant of Omuta

1,000 yen

We introduce plant seen in Omuta-shi. 

The Miike Tachibana document, Nakajimas document list 

400 yen

It is list of historical materials to come to the Miike Tachibanas, the the Tachibanas vassal Nakajimas.

Karuta of the 100th anniversary 

Reconstruction Tensho era cards (note)

700 yen

As part of business of the 100th anniversary of the Omuta municipal organization enforcement, it is card which we arrange "reconstruction Portuguese playing cards" of karuta building possession into cards style and produced.


 We can mail (note).
 In museum shop in hall, we handle Japanese alphabet karuta including traditional Japanese playing card.




Omuta City Miike karuta, history museum

〒836-0861 2-2-3, Takarazakamachi, Omuta-shi

Telephone /FAX: 0944-53-8780


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