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We establish window every month on holidays such as citizen's section on in principle second Sunday

The last update date: March 30, 2020

In Omuta-shi, we establish some windows for which the next agency does not have by work weekdays on holiday from December, 2019.


Establishment every day month, in principle second Sunday

 (from April, 2020 to April, 2021)




April, 2020

5th Sunday

 First Sunday


10th Sunday



14th Sunday



12th Sunday



9th Sunday



13th Sunday



11th Sunday



8th Sunday



13th Sunday


January, 2021

10th Sunday



14th Sunday



14th Sunday, 28th Sunday

 Twice of second Sunday, fourth Sunday


4th Sunday

 First Sunday


Establishment time from 8:30 a.m. to 0:30 p.m.

<< attention >>
※About procedure that confirmation to other engines needs, please note that you may come by the result again later.
※On the next agency, please use the main government building front entrance, the south entrance or the east entrance.
※Person who can come to window can do identity verification, and bring (driver's license, my number card).
※Proxy may need procedure by agent.
※Including thing necessary for procedure please refer to department in charge beforehand in detail.


Window to establish on holiday

Citizen's section (Phone: 41-2602)

(1)Reception desk of inhabitants transfer including transference, transference, moving

 ※When confirmation is necessary for case or related organizations needing approval of Board of Education including attending school out of the precinct, we cannot accept.
(2)Seal registration, delivery of the seal registration certificate
(3)Copy of resident's card (except global grant), grant of certificate about family register
(4)Reception desk (we cannot issue on the day of certificate) of report of family register

(5)Application, receipt of my number card 



 About the congestion situation of citizen's section window
 ・Confirmation of the current waiting number of people from this

 ・Please use convenience store grant service, postal request.



Insurance pension section
 National Health Insurance (Phone: 41-2606)
 Elderly aged 75 or over medical care (Phone: 41-2665)
 National pension (Phone: 41-2607)

(1)Procedure about qualification, the loss for National Health Insurance
(2)Procedure about payment application for National Health Insurance
(3)Procedure about qualification, the loss for elderly aged 75 or over medical care
(4)Procedure about first insured person qualification for national pension

Tax Affairs Section (Phone: 41-2471)

(1)Grant of certificates such as income tax proof, the tax payment proof, asset proof
(2)Grant of the tax payment certificate for car inspection to affect light car

The tax payment section (Phone: 41-2600)

(1)The tax payment consultation
(2)Payment of city tax
(3)Fund transfer procedure for city tax payment

Child family section (Phone: 41-2661)

(1)Procedure about child medical care
(2)Procedure about severeness person with a disability medical care
(3)Procedure about children's allowance

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Citizen's Department citizen's section
2-3, Yuumeimachi, Omuta-shi, Fukuoka (Omuta-shi the second floor of the government building)
Telephone: 0944-41-2602
Inquiry email form We open with the other window
(ID: 4972)

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